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Summer, sun and beach!


I surely do have the best and most peculiar boss/headmistress one could ever wish for.

This Saturday, four of us went to the beach! The most popular place would be Grand Bassam, one of the most important colonial cities of old, now famous for its art and beach tourism. Also, it’s crowded and loud. We went to a lonely beach shortly after the city gates of Abidjan. I much preferred that place, as it was peaceful and friendly, and the food is much better here than in Bassam, so I’ve been told.


See the men at the waterside, casting nets in the surging tide? 😉 The boats are rather small and fragile, but the nets are unbelievably huge. There were round 10 ppl on the boat, helping to bring them in. Fish is of high economic and nutritional importance in the region – we have it almost every day.







The ocean never fails to impress me. It has something majestic – it is serene, yet powerful and vast, seemingly infinite. The roaring waves crushing onto the beach keep you away from swimming. The currents are way too strong, too. So we settled with just staring into the distance and stuck to the pool for swimming.


I don’t often like pictures, but I do like this one. It says a hundred things.



These jellies were a mystery to us. Does anybody know what it is? Smaller and bigger junks of this transparent, soft jelly were spread over the entire beach. It doesn’t seem synthetic. It’s not jellyfish either. One of our theories is that it was a carrier jelly for the caviar.


There seemed to be a soapy liquid in the waters. See the little holes opening up the foam? That foam left a sickening yellow trace of colour on the sand.


Coconuts all over the place! I also climbed one of the trees, but couldn’t get anybody to take a picture. I brought the coconut back home.


Mme Elias, Billy the guitarist, and Ouatta, the Maths teacher. I wonder how many headmistresses I will ever meet who sing “Redemption Song” on the beach under coconut trees.


As you can see, the place was almost completely empty, apart from a family who worked at the US Embassy.


Finally, the sunset at the beach. I could sit there forever, but it only lasts a few minutes until pitch black darkness.

I will leave you with a song, an Ivorian classic, and hope you can catch a bit of the relaxed playfullness of the tune.


4 thoughts on “Summer, sun and beach!

  1. you should post the jelly picture to http://www.reddit.com/r/biology
    you might get a good answer there.

  2. love reading your blog!!

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